Pregnancy and Massage Therapy

Pregnancy and Massage Therapy

CONGRATULATIONS!! What better time to indulge in the benefits of massage therapy than during pregnancy. At North Shore Wellness Centre, we tailor specifically to the needs of a pregnant woman and their changing bodies. Whether you’re in your first trimester or early in your third, our Registered Massage Therapists help prepare women physically and psychologically for labour. Our body cushions made specifically for pregnancy create a more comfortable face-down positioning which supports the growing belly and breasts. By connecting the mind-body our intent is not to fix but rather support and aid the body changes. So yes! Massage is very much indicated for an expecting mother.


Prenatal massage assists with the special needs of an expecting woman as her body goes through physical challenges. Not only will massage therapy relieve stress for the mother-to-be, but it will also help to decrease prenatal complications. Hormonal changes due to pregnancy lead to laxity of ligaments, which results in more bone movement. Getting bi-weekly massage can help cope with and ease poor postural habits. Massage therapy promotes circulation which ultimately increases oxygen and nutrient flow to the growing fetus, so not only does prenatal massage benefit the mother but also your developing infant.

Benefits of Prenatal Massage:

  • Reduces muscle tension and headaches
  • Improves sleep
  • Reduces swelling/edema
  • Improvement of nerve pain



As soon as you are ready and comfortable to start being proactive about your wellness, postnatal massage is there to help assist with recuperation of childbirth. Postnatal massage helps to give back energy and has proven to provide essential benefits to return the body to the condition prior to pregnancy. Our therapists assist in restoring balance to the spine and pelvis regions, as well as alleviating the strains of childbirth. Massage has also proven to reduce levels of cortisol and best of all postpartum depression. Reconnecting mind-body-soul after the stress that might arise through pregnancy.

Benefits of Postnatal Massage:

  • Reduce postpartum swelling
  • Can aid in breastfeeding
  • Assist in the regulation of hormones
  • Eases the transition of pregnancy body to pre pregnancy body