No Mystery about Fibromyalgia

No Mystery about Fibromyalgia

No Mystery about Fibromyalgia

Chronic Fatigue and her evil sister Fibromyalgia  (FM) plague our loved ones.  There is no known cause and therefore no cure for this mystery disease. Conventional treatment will include drugs (pain killers, anti-inflammatories, anti-depressants) to ease the symptoms however people are now turning to alternative therapies (beyond Physical Therapy, counselling and support groups) for less toxic possibilities, with actual, better, longer lasting results.

What is beneath the constant tightness, stiffness, debilitating body pain, fatigue, troubled sleeping, tender spots (see trigger point blog entry), increased sensitivity to heat, cold bright lights, bowel/bladder problems, headaches and anxiety?

There is evidence to suggest that spinal injuries, especially neck trauma are correlated to the symptoms of Fibromyalgia.  In 1997, Buskila et al. found fibromyalgia occurred 13 times more often after a whiplash neck injury compared to lower extremity fractures.(1) This relation between FM and trauma has gone largely ignored.

“But I haven’t hurt my neck recently” you might say.  In today’s society we are prone to many causes of physical injury.  Some people injure while playing sports (think heading the ball in soccer, going into the boards in hockey, or snowboarding falls);  some whip their necks blow drying hair (ladies, you know what I mean), sitting in the dentist chair too long or straining in front of the computer for hours day after day.  The list goes on.  All accumulate and injure the neck in time.

“Ok, so what about the neck injury?”  However the damage has occurred, the structural system (the spine) is now distorted which impacts or damages the nerves, muscles and connective tissue.  These distortions are called “subluxations”.  Subluxations can in alter enzymes, chemicals and hormone concentrations which are vital for everyday function (adrenals, cortisol, epinephrine which circulate through the entire body). These subluxations can create hyperactivity of the flight or fight (sympathetic nerves) system.  The body can handle this activity for short periods at a stretch.  However, if “on” too long, chaos is imminent.  In other words, it’s too much stimulation.  The lower brain stem function (that which is protected by the upper spine) is to calm and allows for healing.  It is not able to do this when injury to neck is involved.  Dr. Brad Shook, DC of North Carolina explains this well on this video: “brain stem stress”.

Who can help?  Chiropractors correct subluxations!  In a study of 23 FM patients who had suffered anywhere from 2-35 years, whose ages ranged between 11-76, when treated with Chiropractic,  demonstrated a 92-100% improvement in symptoms. (2)  These subjects resumed normal activity including full time work that lasted over one year at the time of follow-up!

What now?   Get the subluxations removed via Chiropractic care (hint…it is not just for FM), optimize healthy nerve communication to experience the body heal and thrive.  Take back your life and love to live once again.


Dr.  Anita Hildebrandt

Dr. Hildebrandt has been detecting and removing subluxations for 20 years.  She in turn receives Chiropractic treatments herself to aid in the prevention of disease.

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