Testimonials – Chiropractic Care

Testimonials – Chiropractic Care

Complaint: Arm/Finger Numbness, Difficulty Sleeping

I had severe numbness in my arms down to my fingers – with no previous injuries that may have caused it. I would wake myself up as I couldn’t move b/c both of my arms we’re asleep. I would get tingling in my fingers. I went to see Dr. Terry Dickson and within a couple of treatments the numbness has subsided from both arms and fingers. I look forward to Dr. Terry Dickson’s kind-hearted personality and friendly, welcoming team every treatment I receive.

Kristie Nestman


I have been getting neck and shoulder pain for a number of years, which seemed to get progressively more intense despite getting treatments such as massage therapy and acupuncture. I was skeptical at first to see a chiropractor but after a month of treatments from Dr. Dickson my neck and shoulder pain has improved drastically. As a healthcare worker my job mostly consists of standing and performing repetitive motions that affect my neck and shoulders. I have had great results with my treatments and I would highly recommend Dr. Dickson to anyone interested in getting treatments.



As a CDA my job consists of sitting and performing repetitive movements which led to shoulder/neck and back pain. A recent car accident exasperated the situation and the pain was interfering with my daily life and work. After seeing Dr. Dickson for adjustments I noticed a great improvement in my range of motions and also the pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Dickson if you have concerns about your back and shoulder health.



“I came to the North Shore Wellness Clinic because I was rear-ended. Since the car accident I was very stiff and pretty sore. After treatments with Sarah, Shawn, and Terry I am much better. Not 100% yet, but much better. Besides being able to move my neck more and less headaches, I have made some wonderful friends. The staff is great and very easy to talk to. Way to go guys!”

Kacy S.


“As a dance studio owner, I have an active lifestyle with hours spent in dance studios, primarily for ballet, dabbling in martial arts, weight and cardio training for all over body strength and fitness.  I’ve sustained a few injuries over the years, mostly lower back issues and more recently some neck issues.  As a person defined as being hyper mobile, adjustments didn’t always come easily prior to Dr Dickson.  Dr Dickson has been able to adjust me and provide me with the relief and mobility that I am use to.  I would recommend Dr Dickson and the North shore Wellness Center to friends, dancers and other athletic types!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Shalimar B


“Working a physical job can keep one very active. That is until an injury has captivated even the simplest of movements. Twelve months ago, I injured my back working a physical job. I can honestly say that the moderate protrusion between my L4 and L5 vertebrae, put me in the most excruciating pain I have ever experienced. After realizing that sticking out the pain wasn’t an option, the first thing I thought to do was to call and make a chiropractic appointment with Doctor Terry Dickson. He first recommended that I go straight to emergency for a CT scan so he could better treat me. With the results following the CT scan. Doctor Dickson reviewed how he could best treat my injury. I know other people that were experiencing the same injury; with Terry’s corrective hands, I have recovered much quicker than the others. Without Doctor Dickson, I don’t believe that I would have been back at work within 3 months and my daily workout routine would still be at a halt. I personally recommend Doctor Dickson and the North Shore Wellness Center to anyone in need of appeasement, or even in need of ongoing health support.”

G. Trump    


“I went to see Terry at North Shore Wellness Center for lower back pain.  While I was there Terry asked me to preform a series of movements.  I was unable to preform a “squat” due to another injury.  Approximately a year ago I had jammed my talus VERY badly, and this restricted movement in my foot.  I had mentioned this to Terry AND HE FIXED IT!  With 1 adjustment the range of motion in my foot had come back and I was finally able to do squats again.  Thank you Terry for not only helping with my back but also my talus. Without you I would still be in pain!”

D. Bingeman


“I’ve known Terry Dickson with NSWellness for 3 years (our kids are in the same school catchment) but I never used his Chiropractic services until recently. I tweaked my back right when the 2014 Olympics started and was bed ridden for a week. Finally I had enough (of being stubborn and watching to much TV) and I searched for some specialists to get me back to at least Beer-belly jock shape. I went to Terry when my mobility was below 50% and now after 3 days and two visits later, I’m at around 80%.  Unreal! I know I’ll never be at 100% percent because this body has been beaten up by sports but I believe I can get to 90% and I know Terry will help keep me there. His knowledge about his profession, his ability to communicate to all different types of people and the fact that he is a huge Seahawks, Canucks and Olympic fan sealed the deal for me! ”

Steve Croner