Testimonials – TMJ & Health Professional

Testimonials – TMJ & Health Professional

My experience with Dr. Terry Dickson has been entirely positive. Dr. Dickson has shown an analytical and individualized approach to diagnosis and therapy using Chiropractic and Active Release techniques. Having experienced his clinical skills I will not hesitate to refer patients with appropriate back and neck problems to Dr. Dickson for treatment.

Dr. Alister Prout


What a find!  I have been plagued with hip pain for 3 years now.  I have seen countless Physios, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, without any resolution.  Had to give up my favorite activity, hiking.  So when my sister suggested seeing this chiropractor, with whom she has had amazing results following her shoulder injury, I booked my appointment right away.   After 3 sessions of Active release therapy from Dr. Dickson, I have had amazing results!  Finally no nagging, throbbing pain in the middle of the night,  and I can do all the hiking and cycling I want without fear.

Now, I see him for maintenance treatments for any residual tightness that develops following my activities.   And I have been gladly referring all my friends and family to him.

Dr. Dickson, is knowledgeable, professional, and an incredible healer.  As a qualified physician, I would have no qualms referring patients to him.

Dr.Fatim Jetha, M.D.


I have been suffering from TMJ for years, and use my night guard vigilantly.  Recently, I had a very bad bout of it and could not chew for too long. After one or two treatments from Terry, I feel almost normal. I can laugh, yawn and chew easily without my jaw ‘cracking’ out of place or ‘clicking’.  I would highly recommend this treatment.



I have been a patient of Dr. Terry Dickson for over 10 years. Though I have been seeing him for regular maintenance and some minor injuries.  I have been a server for 18 years, which results in a lot of stress to my posture from carrying heavy trays and on my feet for several  hours when I had a TMJ problem  and  Dr. Dickson told me he could help, I was so surprised by the results.  I had had a few weeks of work related and personal stress and walked into Dr. Dickson’s office in tears!  My jaw locked, stressed and usual back pain- Terry assured me he could help with the pain! The treatment  I received for my jaw was gentle and immediately effective!  He is very professional, compassionate and explains everything in detail.  The pain subsided and the clicking eased.  What surprised me the most was the instant results compared to the results and advice as well as drugs prescribed by an orthodontist surgeon I had seen a few years prior for the same TMJ problem! Dr. Dickson explained everything to me in detail and layman terms which made it clear to me how his treatments work.  He is now treating me for a knee problem that will hopefully prevent me from having surgery.  I highly recommend Dr. Terry Dickson!



“For the past year I’d suffered from jaw pain at least every other month and then for the last 3 months my jaw pain has progressively gotten worse to the point that it was affecting my sleep, my diet, my mood as I was in constant pain. I had spoken to an MD who diagnosed me with TMJ and simply told me not to clench (even though I don’t ever recall clenching and my dentist never saw any signs of clenching) and to take Advil to control the pain.  When I went to see Dr Dickson a few weeks ago for an issue completely unrelated to my jaw I decided to ask him if he was able to treat jaw problems… and boy I’m glad I did.  In less than two minutes Terry was able to realign my jaw, expand it’s range of motion and reduce the pain be easily 90% and since that first appointment two weeks ago, Dr Dickson has now made two additional adjustments to my jaw. The mobility is back to 100% and the constant pain is gone. I would tell anyone suffering from TMJ or jaw problems to go see Terry. Period.”



Dr Terry Dickson, DC is one of the most skilled ART practitioners I have ever worked with. Terry does an excellent job of assessing and determining the correct treatment procedures for multiple orthopaedic conditions, and it has been a great pleasure co-treating many patients with him.

Nathan Vanderkuip, Physiotherapist, Owner Pivotal Health 


I am a dental hygienist and require regular maintenance on my neck and back. I have been seeing Dr. Dickson for many years now. He knows I don’t like to have my neck manipulated with conventional adjusting so he uses Active Release Therapy (a soft tissue technique) and sometimes a tool called an Activator that allow him to loosen my neck without cracking sounds. I always enjoy my visits with him and always leave with stretches to focus on at home. Thank you!

J Fielding, Dental Hygienist