Testimonials – Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

Testimonials – Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

I don’t have words to express my appreciation for your services. Nine months of my pregnancy could have been a nightmare without your exceptional care.
Thanks for making my journey to become a mommy the second time around a dream come true.

Joanne Angus


I experienced intense back and hip pain during my three pregnancies, and all three times, Terry was brilliant in helping me immediately and completely alleviate my prenatal discomfort when no other health professionals could. My confidence in Terry’s ability to diagnose and safely treat my pregnancy symptoms skyrocketed when he adjusted my pelvis and hips 5 days post delivery of my third baby. I wasn’t able to lift my feet off the ground as a result of my pelvis having rotated in opposite directions after giving birth. This made walking excruciatingly painful. Several practitioners in my home town told me I’d have to live with the pain and wear a brace for 6 weeks. From my previous pre and post natal chiropractic experiences with Terry, I was certain that he could help me overcome this physical hurdle. So with newborn in tow, I made the long journey to his office and after one 15 minute appointment and a few adjustments, I was able to draw my knees up to my chest, pain-free! Terry’s pre and post-natal knowledge and experience is remarkable and invaluable. I would recommend that all expectant women and fresh new moms schedule an appointment with Terry immediately. There’s no need to suffer through an uncomfortable pregnancy or post-birth hip and back pains when he can adjust and heal your body quickly, safely, and easily.

Nicolette Richer
Whistler, BC
During my pregnancy I suffered from extreme back pain due to Sciatica. I started seeing Terry for chiropractic services and almost immediately I felt relief which allowed me to function and go about my daily routine. I am so glad I came to him even though some pregnant women are hesitant to have this kind of treatment. Terry’s professionalism and friendliness made me feel completely at ease. I would recommend him to any woman at any stage of pregnancy for beneficial treatment of back or neck pain.

Kelly K
When I was pregnant with my second son I visited Dr Dickson regularly and he was able to give me the relief I needed from my pregnancy aches and pains!  His treatments definitely helped with the headaches I suffered from as well as helping to alleviate the tension and pain I was feeling in my back, pelvis and hips.  Not only did Dr Dickson help to make me more comfortable during the pregnancy but I believe his chiropractic treatments played a part in allowing me to have the natural birth I desired.

Heidi B