Testimonials – Children & Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Testimonials – Children & Pediatric Chiropractic Care


This past fall our 5 year old son began suffering from regular headaches and nausea with a couple of severe episodes of vomiting and states of unconsciousness.  After consulting with neurosurgeon’s at Children’s Hospital it was discovered that one of the ventricles in his brain was enlarged.  After further tests it was determined he would not need surgery to manage what appeared to be hydrocephalus.  The neurosurgeon’s told us to go home and manage with pain medication.  This was unacceptable to us as our son was not able to go to school as a result of how he was feeling and we wanted to address the underlying cause if we could, not merely manage symptoms.  So we turned to Dr. Dickson for help.  With regular visits over the course of half a year Dr Dickson was able to reduce our son’s headaches drastically.  The chiropractic treatments along with  some dietary changes and homeopathic treatment has resulted in our son now rarely suffering from headaches or nausea!  We are so grateful for Terry’s genuine concern and excellent treatment of our son.  He completely put our son at ease and gave him the relief he needed.  We would highly recommend Terry for the chiropractic treatment of children.

Dean H



“Dr Terry Dickson has been wonderful to my 6-yr-old daughter.  We came
to see him after being referred by a friend of mine when I was looking

for a possible cure for her occasional nocturnal enuresis (bed wetting).
My daughter is normally shy and does not like doctors, but Dr Terry was
able to make it all comfortable for her from the first session.  He is
gentle, fun and engaging so that both my kids love him.  My daughter
had a few sessions with him and she has not bed the wet since.  We
feel lucky to have found him.  Thank you Dr Terry!”

M. Flynn