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Testimonials – Acupuncture Care

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My mother had suffered from a vertebrae fracture and was under extreme pain. She was unable to sit or walk and the morpheme prescribed by her doctor only helped by keeping her semi-conscious and constipated. It was under this desperate circumstance that we seek the help of Andrew for acupuncture. After the first treatment. Like a magic trick, I saw my mother getting up and walk out of his clinic without any help. Andrew treated my mother for the next 4 months and it was during this time that his patience and attention to details made all the difference.  He was taking care of my mother like his own mum. My mother is now fully recovered and most importantly pain free. We are forever grateful to Andrew for treating her. Andrew is simply the best acupuncturist you can find out there.



I tried acupuncture once and didn’t have any luck so I was a bit reluctant to give it another try. I was persuaded to see Andrew and it was the best decision I have ever made. I had suffered from insomnia for at least 5 years in addition to work-related stress and anxiety. I had tried everything I could think of (sleeping pills, CPAP therapy, etc.) but nothing helped and it was affecting my quality of life. Few months after, after being treated with acupuncture and herbs, I can fall asleep; no tossing and turning and I sleep through the night! The anxiety is gone and I feel calmer.

Sandra P.

Andrew is knowledgeable and dedicated to helping his patients. I came to Andrew for a shoulder strain and he was able to relieve most of the pain immediately. He also went above and beyond and asked questions about other issues I may have, and he was able to identify that my hips were not aligned. Had it not been for Andrew, I would not have found out about this issue!

Cynthia S.

I went to Andrew for a condition called baker’s cysts in my left knee. The pain in the knee was very debilitating and I had trouble walking. The hospital gave me a cane and said it was due to old age. I was very pleased because the pain in my knee subsided a lot immediately during the treatment. After a month and a half of treatments, I am now able to walk with no pain and the mobility in my knee had greatly improved as well.

Nicole K.