Karyn Lowther – Registered Massage Therapist (Locum for Danielle Tabo)

Karyn Lowther – Registered Massage Therapist (Locum for Danielle Tabo)


During Danielle Tabo’s maternity leave, Karyn Lowther has graciously stepped in as her locum and certified Registered Massage Therapist. To learn more about Karyn, read on…


Karyn takes a holistic approach tailored to each patient’s individual needs. She believes not only in providing her patients with immediate relief from symptoms but also in treating the root of the problem to help produce a long-term solution that reduces pain and dysfunction in the future.


Education background:

Karyn graduated from Vancouver College of Massage Therapy in 2014.  She was inspired to become a massage therapist through her own healing with an extensive variety of sports-related injuries. Karyn is grateful for the opportunity to share her knowledge with the North Vancouver community and is looking forward to being a part of your health care plan.


Areas of practice:

Karyn has experience working with many conditions such as tendonitis, strains and sprains, carpal tunnel, plantar fascia, shin splints, TMJD, Frozen shoulder, TOS, motor vehicle-based injuries, repetitive stress injuries, pregnancy etc. Karyn has a special interest in working with low back injuries.


Karyn loves her work.  Her approach is primarily myofascial and her treatments are deep and specific to the root of the issue. She incorporates assessment, myofascial release, muscle energy techniques, trigger point therapy, joint mobilizations, facilitated stretching and Swedish massage into her treatments.


Karyn is enthusiastic about self-care and believes the management and prevention of injuries of her clients is important.  Using education to empower them to be proactive in their own wellness and to be the most vibrant version of themselves.


Personal history

Outside the treatment room, you can find Karyn enjoying the outdoors with her dog. She spends her time swimming, running, hiking, surfing and maintains a consistent yoga practice.